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02 September 2008 @ 09:47 pm

He sat in a cold damp dark dungeon, in fetal position. Pete had finally been captured by Trace’s Pegasus army. Pete rolled over, and kept his arm as a pillow. “How do I get out?” He thought to himself, looking around for a window. Pete felt around the floors to see if he could dig through them. “It’s about 900 Twizlers until I can reach home” Pete said, resting, putting his arms around his knees. “I’ll wait until night fall, and then I’ll dig my way out. No one will know until the morning!”
Soon it was nightfall, and Pete had began picking at floor. “I’m desperate to do anything” He said, loosening the ground with his feet. “Once I get out, I’ll run, I have faith I’ll make it to my kingdom by sunrise, and I’ll make it to my house by late-morning. I can do this” He said. He kept digging and digging. He decided he’d have to built a tunnel, so he started burrowing under the wall. “Almost there!” He said, and he said, feeling around the underside of the wall. 10 minutes later, he was out and running for freedom. 
 Half way home, a lightening bolt stopped Pete right in his tracks. “You’re not getting away THIS time, Wentz” Cried someone from afar. Pete looked in the sky to find Trace, racing down. Pete started racing as fast as he could, trying to out run him, which he’d never do. Pete was stomped on by Trace. “Please let me go” Pete exclaimed. “Not until you convince Lagabu to for fit what is rightfully ours” Trace said. “Why me” Pete asked, trying to wiggle away. “Because you were in the Gugu kingdom. Now, take him back to the dungeon” Trace demanded. As soon as Trace stepped off, Pete began running and running. “I’m so close!” He shouted as he saw the sign for Lagabu.
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02 September 2008 @ 09:42 pm
So this is just my story I'm writing in language arts. about Pete and stuff.  And every story we have to write, I write it as another chapter~ in my story, and I decided to post it on livejournal, since it's so dumb.  Have fun~~~.


Once upon a time there was a boy named Pete Wentz. He lived with Care bears up in the sky. There was always a battle between the Gu Gu kingdom, filled with Unicorns and magical creatures. One day Pete went out to go find some fresh berries, for his smoothie he was making for his best friend Patrick.
Pete was out in the deep dark GubGub forest, all alone by himself. He bent over, and plucked one off the velvety stem. Pete heard a cry from a distance. “Who’s there?” He called out, looking around. “It’s Mary” said someone far away in a creepy-witch like voice. “Mary who” He said, backing up, about to run away back into the safety of light. He turned around to find a Marytauropulous a creature that were thought to be almost extinct. Pete screamed in terror, and ran out of the forest. But Pete had made a mistake. He had ran into a meadow in the middle of a forest! 
            Soon, a unicorn had emerged. “Why me” Pete asked, trying to escape. “I am Trace, the leader of Gu Gu kingdom. You’re presence frightens me. You shall be put to death immediately!” the Unicorn said as he stepped forward. “Please not me, I’m not good enough to kill” Pete shouted. “SILENCE” Trace fiercely said. “Yes sir” Pete said gulping. Pete closed his eyes.
            “This won’t hurt a bit” The unicorn said. The unicorn galloped towards him and bit him. Pete opened his eyes. “I’m bleeding…..rainbows?” He said looking down in surprise. “I’m a unicorn, what did you expect?” Trace said. “And I’m a lighteninglatapus said a voice from afar. “Who are you?” Pete said, licking his wound. “It tastes like jelly beans” He said confused. “I am Kevin Kane!” He said promptly. “Go away Kevin, we’re discussing important things right now” Trace said. “See ya later alligator” Kevin said, walking away. “ANYWAY” Trace said as he looked around. But Pete was no where to be found. “CURSE YOU PETE WENTZ, I’LL HAVE REVENGE!” Trace shouted to the sky. 
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when are you just going to take a step back and let things just happen,
be worry free for just one moment,
because the cacoon is breaking soon,
will you be ready?

sometimes you need to let them learn for themselves,
because you can't teach an old dog new tricks,
if you make them wait forever.
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13 August 2008 @ 09:38 pm

I am getting these shoes, and I'm honestly the happiest little thing on the planet.
Today has been great.

Bass lessons tomorrow, I got one strong pinky to show off ;)

Should I unblock my foe on aim?
Nahhhhh! :D

New The Academy Is... record. 
I refuse to listen to it, only so I can be super excited when it comes out.
Sadly, I'll probably have to wait to buy it, since I'm very poor, and need to buy cobra starship tickets.

I hope your day has been fantabulous (yes, I like that word tyvm).


thats my poetry thingy.
read it, and click on one those ads on the side.
i update sorta often, but i know you probably wont be like 'OMG YAY NEW POEM' since its really shitty.

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21 July 2008 @ 12:22 pm

Finally I'm going to blog~ about it.


Kayla and I drove to the venue, and we got to stand inside in line.  Oh and Kayla saw Jack walking out by the buses.  While we were inline Brendan from Valencia asked us to signt he Valencia emailing list, and he was a total sweetie.  We didn't get a picture with him then, because we weren't so sure he was in the band.  :|  We weren't/aren't really into Valencia so yeah.  So we're sitting inline, and we tried to meet some FOBR boardies, so we made a rly shitty sign for people maybe to find us.  Then these three people (Lauren, Molly, and Ashley)  came and sat behind us and asked us about it (and these people are so amazing, they are in the story later too), and everyone kept starring at our sign.  Then this guy comes over, and he asks Kayla 'what's FOBR?' and we explain it to him.  I noticed he had a Scenes and Siren's cd in his hand.  And my favorite song atm was by them, so I was like 'Are you in the band Scene's and Sirens?' and he was like 'Yes I am, I'm the singer' and I was like ':O :O :O I don't think she loves me is amazing!  I listened to it through a mix tape, and I thought it was amazing!' and Mark, the singer, was like 'I'll give you our cd for free if you give me $5' and so of course I bought it and they signed it.  We got pictures with them.  And Kayla and I were dressed alike and he was like 'Aww you guys match, twinkies!'  and Kayla was like 'I hate twinkies' and he was like 'I heard they last for 10 years'.  And then they stole my sharpie cap but Lauren got it back.  Then we started talking to Ashley, Lauren, and Molly while we're standing in line.  We exchanged myspaces~ and stuff and then the doors opened and we all went inside.

Kayla and I went over to the merch table with Delicious.  I leaned over the counter and said 'Delicious, I love you, you're my best friend' and left him a tip.  And you know that TAI TV 'Clarvoiyant Sisky' and William is the bar tender?  I was pretty much doing that.  We got our booty shorts and I got the OMG ATL!!!! shirt, and I was like 'can i get a small?'  and he was like 'are you sure you don't want to see the extra small?'  and i was like 'yeah let me see that' and i ended up getting that.   I was waiting for him to call me sweetie the whole time.  Then Kayla and I ran up to the boucany.  We got a place close to the stage, and if you leaned over enough you could watch people on the side of the stage watching.  American Diary was first, and they were really good.  I didn't sing along much, just during Heart Attack Pact and Live Without Living, since LWL is my favoritesong by them.  Then was Valencia where we saw Brendan and I felt bad I didn't know he was in the band.  I have to admit they are better live then they are on the cd.  They're cd annoys me, but watching them live was amazing.  Alex and Nick (from HTL) both came out during their set during The Space Between.  Then was Hit The Lights, and theirset was also amazing.  Omar's voice entertained me to the extreme.  I loved when they sang old songs, because those were the only ones I could sing too.

Then was All Time Low.  They had the big letters from the Poppin' Champange music video shoot.  First they played Holly, which I never thought they would play live.  They didn't talk very much during their set which upset me.  THEY ALSO DIDN'T PLAY DAMMIT.  I wanted them to play Dammit so bad omfg.  But they played Circles, and that was the best.  I never thought I'd hear them play that live.  So after the show we went out to try to meet them.

It was like Hell, so many people were there, and the fat ones made me bump my head on All Time Low's bus.  I also almost fell into the motor of their bus when we got closer.  We got up there finally and Alex was the only one there.  We handed him our bracelets, our mix tape, and the story I lol'd at in health class where this kid is talking about his genitals.  We were going to take pictures (and we did, but on a disposable), and when I went to take Kayla's picture with him, I couldnt figure out how to work it and he was like 'How do you not know how to work a disposable camera?'  then he took one with me and Kayla told him to back up and it like jumped/pulled us backwards.  And I lol'd.


Today was the best day, they're kinda a tie, but the crowd was much better that day than the day before.

So we pull into the parking garage, and I look over and there is Jack.  I'm like ':O JACK!' and he scurries away to his car.  Kayla and I got out of the car, and he pulls out, and almost hits us (because we're trying not to get hit by my mom) and he almost htis the car pulling in to the garage.  I got his liscense plate number (:|) and so now I hope I randomly find him driving around one day.

So we get outside in line and Ashley finds us and we get inline with her and Lauren.  And then Brendan and two other dudes from Valencia (I don't know who they are I'm sorry! hahaha) , and Brendan remembered us from yesterday and we got our picture with him.  The doors opened and we all went to the boucany, and got a press good place.  There For Tomorrow was amazing, and Alex came and sang with them when they same their cover of Ice Box.  Alex was sneaking around back stage but we saw him.  Then it was Valencia and they were amazing again.  Hit The Lights was amazing too again.  

Then when All Time Low came on it was the same set list, but they talked way more then they did yesterday.  Since everyone throws bras up on stage for Jack, Alex was like 'Me, you, and Zack let's have a competition to see who can get the most bras' and Jack already had like 4, and he was like 'I win!' then he got a rly small one and he was like 'my boobs are bigger than that!'  so next time i see them, i decided im going to find an old training bra and throw it up there for him.  ALEX DIDN'T WEAR SHOES EITHER DAY IT WAS GROSS.  They didn't play Dammit again either, I was pisssssssssssssssssssssssssed.  I really wanted them to play it, and they didn't either day.  I was ready to punch one in the face tbqh.  Alex said the foam fingers were free and Delicious was like 'WTF HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO SELL ALL OF THESE?' we tried to meet HTL, but we couldn't find them.

Besides them not playing Dammit, it was really fun, and I loved it.

16 July 2008 @ 05:15 pm
If you could be any character from any TV show, who would you be and why?
can i be pete wentz from fn mtv?
05 July 2008 @ 11:20 pm
If you were to die now, at this moment, what would you think of as the best thing you've ever done in your life?
I'd have to say, seeing fall out boy live.  thats the closesest ive ever been away from my heroes, and im glad.

01 July 2008 @ 04:27 pm
The place where I lay my head at night.
Horray for the cliche.
Where do you call home?
25 June 2008 @ 01:18 pm
I'll do it on my own time.
Neon Body Style, suckas.
Wait what?